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Helping The Northeast Boundary Tunnel Project Monitor Operations During Critical Under-Crossings

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

Binni is honored and proud to be featured by Pietro Banov and the Lane tunneling team at the Northeast Boundary Tunnel (NEBT) project as part of the Complex Monitoring System Management at the NEBT Critical Under-Crossings presentation at the Cutting Edge Conference.

Binni tunneling supports the NEBT TBM teams by creating a seamless integration of their different sources of information (e.g. field inspections, quality control, TBM production, and sensors) that helps teams make critical decisions.

Through the use of the binni API, the advance, ring build, and productivity information that is captured during operations, using the binni mobile application, is normalized and made available for consumption within other tools/platforms used on the project. Their teams are now able to interact with the information in real-time and easily create reports and perform analysis with a simple click of a button.

In addition, sensor data from the TBM, geotechnical and structural instrumentation is made available through customizable dashboards and plots. The NEBT team utilized these dashboards to correlate the data from the TBM sensors with data from the geotechnical instrumentation to gain insights into operations when mining under critical structures to ensure that project requirements were met and that any challenges could be quickly addressed and resolved.

We are thankful for the trust and confidence placed in binni by Lane and look forward to continuing to assist them as they finish out the tunneling drive at NEBT project and on future projects around the world.

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