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Binni Finds Improvement Opportunity of New Nice Middleton Bridge Build via ForneyVault Collaboration

Maryland’s New Nice-Middleton Bridge was completed on budget and three months ahead of schedule, despite starting during the COVID-19 pandemic. MDTA attribute the success of such a sophisticated logistical construction endeavor by creating a partnering environment that fostered an openness to technology. With it, the MDTA supported a highly collaborative project environment between multiple levels of government and private partners – from the design-build team to engineers to construction material testers.

From the beginning of the project, they deployed binni Concrete, an integrated ecosystem for construction teams to collaborate throughout the planning, tracking and reporting of concrete pours – in this case, 65,000 cubic yards of concrete.

Binni co-founder and COO Wes Morrison saw an opportunity for additional improvement and efficiency on the bridge construction with ForneyVault and introduced ForneyVault to the MDTA team, collaborating with Scott Grumski, VP of Platform Development at Forney LP, to develop a seamless integration.

ForneyVault is a machine-integrated, cloud-based construction materials testing platform that links testing machines, ancillary equipment and third-party software through a private cloud database, allowing data to flow seamlessly throughout the testing process

“We quickly realized there were synergies between our two platforms that we could leverage, most importantly for our customers,” Wes said about the opportunity to integrate binni with ForneyVault, "unifying and streamlining the flow of data up and down the concrete value chain is critical in providing a full view into the performance of a concrete operation." The ultimate goal was to knock down silos and improving data transparency to prioritize helping construction projects succeed.

This resulted in simplifying automatic machines testing, making it 1.5 to 2 times faster on just one machine. The increased productivity and precision from automatic testing were immediately evident. These results then uploaded seamlessly to the binni platform via alerts from the lab that flowed directly to field technicians and inspectors on site using the binni platform.

About Binni

Binni is a construction technology platform created by construction experts who saw industry-rooted pain points that contractors face daily and created a solution to helping concrete and tunnel construction teams increase collaboration, communication and productivity. Binni saves time and money by streamlining the capture, digitization, and consumption of operational data. To learn more about binni, click here.

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