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Binni offers volume based pricing, determined by the quantity of cubic yards/meters processed, so you only pay for what you use while having an unlimited number of users per project.  

Interested in more information?

A quote can be provided based on project size and duration

Want to try before you commit?

Gain the full experience of binni with a 21 day free trial

What do you get?
  • Unlimited users​

  • Full access to the binni platform

  • Photo and file storage

  • Unlimited reporting

  • Real time view into ongoing operations

  • Automated notifications

  • API integrations with other tools

  • Premium add-ons available

Frequently Asked Questions
How does the free trial work?
The free trial gives you access for unlimited users for a project to the full binni platform.  All data generated during the free trial will be yours to utilize and keep during and after the trial concludes.
What happens when the free trial ends?
Prior to the end of the free trial you be asked if you would like to move into a paid plan.  If you do not wish to continue, your trial will automatically end without any further action on your part. 
How does the consumption based pricing work?
Binni charges per cubic yard/meter processed through the binni platform.  A company/project will be invoiced on a monthly basis per the number of cubic yards consumed in the prior month.  

It is volume-based pricing such that you will pay the same price for each cubic yard/meter consumed that month.  
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