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Binni Integrates Concrete Management Platform with Procore

Washington DC – Binni has announced the integration of binni Concrete with Procore, helping concrete contractors and their project teams manage the planning, tracking, and reporting for concrete placements.

The integration provides the user with an embedded view of the binni Concrete dashboard in the Procore project environment. This seamless view allows the user to easily interact with all upcoming concrete pours associated with the active project within Procore. Through the dashboard pour progress can be monitored, results viewed and updates to pours and deliveries can be made.

“Binni is a big believer in bringing together different technologies used on the jobsite to increase the efficiency of the users” said Wes Morrison, COO, binni. “By connecting binni with Procore, we are providing project teams the ability to seamlessly manage their concrete placements within the Procore environment. This is only the first step with Procore and we are excited about continuing to build meaningful connections between binni and Procore for the benefit of our mutual clients.”

Concrete is often the most consumed material on a jobsite and placing concrete is a critical operation on any project. Getting it right and eliminating errors can often be the difference between whether a project is successful or not. Integrating binni and Procore helps clients collaborate effectively and operate more efficiently allowing for easy access to the information that is needed to make decisions and move a project forward.

About Binni

Binni is a construction technology company focused on helping construction teams increase productivity by streamlining the capture, digitization, normalization and consumption of operational information and data. Binni was created by engineers who have spent their entire careers in the construction industry. This experience has provided a unique understanding of the pain points that contractors face on a daily basis. Binni is built based on this experience with these challenges in mind.

Binni Concrete is a cloud-based software platform that simplifies the planning, tracking, and reporting of concrete placements. By digitizing the process and providing a single platform for construction teams to collaborate, users can increase productivity, reduce errors, and improve reporting. Pour related information is available in real time and can be easily accessed in the future for utilizing in decision making and analysis.

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