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Binni Integrates Concrete Tracking Platform with Autodesk Construction Cloud's BIM 360

Washington DC – Binni today announced the integration of Autodesk Construction Cloud’s BIM 360® with the binni Concrete platform, helping concrete contractors and their project teams manage the planning, tracking, and reporting for concrete placements.

The connection shows concrete pour data in a partner card on BIM 360’s Project Home dashboard. Teams using both binni and BIM 360 can now easily view and manage their concrete pour information alongside the context of other project data such as delivery schedules and weather, empowering them to collaborate and make informed decisions in order to avoid rework and keep projects moving along schedule.

“Integrating technologies that are well adopted across construction projects is important to further increase the efficiency of teams and is critical as the industry continues to progress and evolve,” said Wes Morrison, COO, binni. “By connecting binni with BIM 360, we are providing project teams the ability to seamlessly manage their placements within the BIM 360 environment. This integration with the BIM 360 platform is just a first step with Autodesk and we look forward to continuing to build with them.”

Autodesk Construction Cloud connects construction project teams across workflows – from design, planning, building, and maintenance. Its construction project management solution, BIM 360, is commonly adopted across workflows and segments such as infrastructure and commercial, where there tends to be more concrete activity. “Rework in concrete pouring is costly and time consuming,” Says James Cook, head of integrations at Autodesk Construction Solutions. “Integrating binni into BIM 360 helps customers prevent that rework by surfacing key data about every concrete pour where they can consume it and understand it in the context of the broader job.”

“Concrete doesn’t budge, so mistakes made on a pour can be very costly to contractors who are already working with thin margins,” said James Cook, head of integrations at Autodesk Construction Solutions. “It’s critical that contractors can collaborate and access the information they need easily. Integrating binni and BIM 360 lets us help our customers make informed decisions and avoid costly project rework.”

About Binni

Binni is a cloud-based software platform that simplifies the planning, tracking, and reporting of concrete placements. By digitizing the process and providing a single platform for construction teams to collaborate, users can increase productivity and reduce errors. Pour related information is available in real-time and can be easily accessed in the future for reporting and analyzation.

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